Thursday, December 24, 2015

29-31 weeks, It's getting so close!

How far along: 31 weeks 5 days. 

Baby: Baby boy at 29 weeks is about the size of a pineapple, 30 weeks is about the size of a cantaloupe and 31 weeks about the size of a coconut!  

Momma: I have been super nauseous again lately and just not felt good my doctor thinks it's because of how bad of heart burn I have been getting, that is probably some of it but unfortunately I think it's mostly because of my stressful job lately. 

Maternity clothes: Leggings and sweats are my favorite thing ever. Just the same coulle shirts I have had and the amazing pants from Old Navy with the stretchy waist.

Sleep: Never a fulls nights sleep usually awake for a good couple hours every night.

Best moment this week: Watching and feeling baby boy move all the time! He defiantly likes to make himself known to everyone by wiggling around.

Miss anything: Wouldn't say miss anything. I would like to be comfortable again but I have been enjoying the last couple months of the pregnancy a heck of a lot more then at the beginning. I actually feel pregnant and LOVE feeling him more all the time even if he is a strong little bugger already and hurts me.

Food cravings: Ice cream. Or pretty much anything that I get in my head I HAVE to have it right then, we were going to go to Denny's the other night for dinner and they were packed and all the business around them were packed and literally not a single parking spot (I made Trevor circle the parking lot and surrounding parking lots about 6 times) and we ended up going some where else and it's probably safe to say I was really upset about it.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Not eatting little snacks enough, my doctor told me at my appt the other day I needed to eat more because I was getting dizzy and like I had low blood sugar throughout the day.

Gender: BOY! 

Movement: Yes he moves like crazy!

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks a couple times a week or after a long work day

Symptoms: Nausea. Heartburn. Lower back pain is in full force.

Nursery: Slowly but surely. If I wasn't so indecisive it could probably be done.

Looking forward to: February! I have all of my appointments scheduled up to my due date and there is only six left and the 6th one is two days before my due date so maybe we will be able to cancel that one!! Fingers crossed. 

Little stink would stop moving every time I put the camera on him so the video is pretty short but hopefully I can get a better one soon!



Sunday, December 6, 2015

27-28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks

Baby: Baby boy at 27 weeks is about the size of a "bunch of bananas" and almost 15 inches.  28 weeks is about the size of a coconut.  We had our normal doc appt and check up along with our ultrasound with the specialist. He was measuring about 5 days big weighing 3 lbs and 16 inches! They did a full anatomy ultrasound again to check everything out and the specialist told us we had a perfectly healthy growing baby boy!! It's pretty confusing and hard to explain but short version his kidneys grew bigger at a young age and had what looked like a lot of fluid but now that he is bigger and I'm in the third trimester he is allowed up to 10mm ?? instead of 4 I believe of fluid. If it would have gone up more than what it was closer to the 10 then it would still be something to worry about, but it has stayed around the same amount it has always been so it looks good. 

Momma: Tired and uncomfortable. Lower back pain has officially kicked in and sleeping is very uncomfortable. 

Maternity clothes: Nothing new just the same couple shirts is all. 

Sleep: Takes a while to fall asleep and get comfortable but then I usually sleep pretty good. 

Best moment this week: Finding out we have a perfectly healthy baby boy! 

Miss anything: Wouldn't say miss anything really. 

Food cravings: Ice cream. Now I'll for sure start putting on the pounds haha. 

Anything make you queasy or sick: Not eating something small before going to bed, and too many sweets. 

Gender: BOY! 

Movement: Yes he moves like crazy and loves to make himself known.  

Labor signs: Braxton hicks every now and then but that's all. 

Symptoms: Nausea. Heartburn. 

Nursery: Slowly but surely. He has a crib and a mattress that's the most important right? 

Looking forward to: February! I'm getting anxious to meet our little man. 

Little man sure likes to wiggle and does not like being watched and getting pictures taken. He wouldn't let us get a picture of his cute face because he was sucking on his toes and fingers so much and had his face right up against me.  Little stink! 




Saturday, November 21, 2015

Guilt -- 25 & 26 weeks

Since the moment I found out I was pregnant I have felt mixed emotions. Most of you are probably very confused right now. Maybe other expecting moms that have gone through infertility or even ones that haven't, have experienced this a little but yes I am over flowing with excitement and joy, but after going through fertility I also feel guilty. I have watched many people go through fertility treatment for much much longer than we went through it and at times I feel guilty that it only took us just over a year. Is this normal? I'm not sure. Lately I have felt very self conscious about my body changing and becoming bigger and I feel horrible even thinking that and get mad at myself because of this guilt. I know how bad it hurts to want so badly the chance to carry a baby and be a mommy. I also feel very guilty and worried about others feelings and thoughts when I post baby updates. I know how it stings when you want it to be you and you have to sit and watch others and see daily posts. I have now been on both sides of this. Please tell me someone else can relate to this?  Just some of my nightly thoughts I wanted to share. 

How far along: I just turned 27 weeks yesterday but we will catch up week 25 and 26 on this post! 

Baby: Baby boy at 25 weeks is about the size of a cabbage 14 inches long and close to two lbs.     26 weeks is about the size of a butternut squash and just over 14 inches and little over two lbs. 

Momma: Slightly self conscious. I know that is selfish to say and don't get me wrong I am beyond blessed to have this sweet babe in my belly but it's a big chance on a women's baby and a little hard watching yourself get bigger even knowing it's a miracle growing inside me.

Maternity clothes: Yes. I have ended up with a couple maternity shirts because they are the only ones I feel comfortable in but my favorite purchase has been just jeans/jeggings from Old Navy. They are in the normal women section but have no zipper and a stretchy waist but look like normal skinny jeans. They are amazing! Preggo friends I highly recommend checking out Old Navy for cheap comfortable clothes they are my new favorite place to shop. 

Sleep: I finally bought a body pillow and it was the best purchase. I have slept so much better since we got it. Trevor might not agree though haha! 

Best moment this week: Feeling little man get bigger and squirm around all the time. 

Miss anything: Not having heart burn. 

Food cravings: Mozzarella sticks and ice cream. Now I'm really going to start gaining the weight. 

Anything make you queasy or sick: Depends on the day and I have to eat small snacks throughout the day and before bed or I'm guaranteed to be sick the next morning. 

Gender: BOY! 

Movement: Yes he moves like crazy! 

Labor signs: None. 

Symptoms: Nausea. Heartburn. I haven't been throwing up near like I use to but once or twice a week I'll have a bad day where I still throw up in the mornings. 

Nursery: We finally got his room painted so it's ready to start putting together! YAY!! 

Looking forward to: Getting everything like his nursery put together and organized. I've had my car seat picked out for a while now and stopped at Target and Babies R Us on our way home from St George last weekend and it just happened to be on sale so we bought that and looked at cribs since I've been struggling to pick what style I liked best. We finally decided the other day and ordered one from Kohls online and it came in TWO days!! 

I've been horrible about taking pictures and I know I'm going to regret it because this is when I'm really growing and changing in size every day I feel like.



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

24 Weeks

This week I had my ultrasound to double check little mans kidneys. Back track a little, at my 20 week ultrasound they noticed he had fluid in his kidneys. They said it wasn't a huge deal but wanted to do another ultrasound in a month to see if it was gone like it should be. This week when we did the ultrasound he had about .49 so more than the last time. The doctor explained it to me as yes he has more fluid then 4 weeks ago but he is also bigger now so he has more room for that fluid to build up. She said that it typically goes away and where it hasn't she wanted me to see the high risk specialist (That's always a scary term for a mom to hear!) and get another ultrasound done and have them double check and get their opinion. This is just one reason I love my doctor but she was very reassuring that it wasn't a big concerning thing and it was nothing I could have done or should be doing different. It could be caused by a couple different things and that's why she wants the people who specialize in ultrasounds to really look at it and maybe by then it will be gone and we won't have to worry or they will know a little more about it and confirm its nothing to worry about. It could be caused by him being a stubborn little boy and not wanting to go pee or stretching a little further it could be his little insides are just working backwards and instead of draining out it's draining into his kidneys. After he is born we will make our pediatrician aware that we were monitoring this and watch him for UTI's. (I always thought this was something more frequent in little girls but apparently it's very common in boys and shows during a lot of pregnancies with boys.) If he has them frequently then we will look into more what could be going on and watch for kidney infections. It could be a lot worse and I'm grateful this is the only thing we have had to watch during the pregnancy but no momma ever wants to hear something could potentially hurt or be even a little wrong with your child. Up side to this we have gotten to see little man about every 4 weeks and I love watching him change and grow! This next ultrasound will be our 5th one so far! 

Now an overlook of our week.  

How far along: 24 weeks! 

Baby: Baby boy is about the size of a garden eggplant, about 13 inches long and at my ultrasound this week weighs 1lb 8oz!! 

Momma: Uncomfortable. Yes I know it's just going to get worse, I am aware of this but for now I'm going to say I'm uncomfortable. I feel like I all the sudden popped and I look and actually feel pregnant not just chubby now. So yes it's a little uncomfortable getting use to my body changing. 

Maternity clothes: Nope just like baggy clothes.

Sleep: Lavender baths and diffusing lavender helps. I need to go buy a body pillow just haven't yet. 

Best moment this week: Seeing my cute baby boy at my ultrasound! 

Miss anything: Not really. 

Food cravings: I wouldn't really call it a craving but I do love me some mozzarella sticks from Arby's!  

Anything make you queasy or sick: Depends on the day and I have to eat small snacks throughout the day or feel sick. 

Gender: BOY! 

Movement: Yes he moves like crazy! 

Labor signs: None. 

Symptoms: Nausea. Round ligament pain. 

Nursery: His room is the only room in the house we haven't painted since moving in so we will hopefully paint that this weekend! My OCD and "nesting" is causing me anxiety already and I just want to get started on it! 

Looking forward to: Hitting the third trimester! At my appointment this week they gave me the paper for "what you can expect" between 26-36 weeks and I about panicked! It feels like first half of this pregnancy has flown by!

He scowls like his father already that's for sure and he is also a little camera shy and would roll over and hide his face from us this time!! 

I now have a belly and I feel like he has finally moved up a little bit and I don't look so awkward and low. 



Thursday, October 22, 2015

21-23 weeks

Oh man I am so far behind! Work has been crazy busy and extremely stressful so I've been working awful hours and just too exhausted to blog. (Lame excuse I know.)

How far along: 21-23 weeks time it's flying by it seems like!

Baby: Baby boy is about the size of a banana, 10 3/4 inches long at 21 weeks. 
 Size of a small corn on the cob/spaghetti squash at 22 weeks. Weighs almost a whopping 1 pound now!! And is the size of "bunch of grapes" and weighs just over a pound at 23 weeks!! 

Momma: Tired. I cannot sleep for the life of me and toss and turn most of the night. Work has been ridiculously stressful and busy lately so I think that has a lot to do with the nausea and lack or sleep lately. 

Maternity clothes: Nope just like baggy clothes.

Sleep: Lavender baths and diffusing lavender helps me fall asleep then I wake up middle of the night and am awake most of the night.

Best moment this week: Feeling him become more and more active!

Miss anything: Just a full nights sleep without waking up at all.

Food cravings: No still nothing really.

Anything make you queasy or sick: About the same, depends on the day or what little man likes that day.

Gender: BOY! 

Movement: Yes! Maybe it's because he is so low but he hates me sitting at my desk all day and just kicks me and pushes. He also loves moving when I'm trying to sleep and refuses to move when the boys try to feel him kick, little stink.

Labor signs: I swear I had some small braxton hicks the other day but none before that. I woke up a little nauseous that morning but that was nothing new, after being at work for about an hour I started getting sharp pains in my stomach and hadn't felt him move that day at all. After about an hour I started to get a little nervous and knew they weren't normal pains cause they were just getting worse so I called my doctor and they told me to come in and get checked out just to be on the safe side. It was a couple hours until they could get me in and the pains stayed consistent. If I had to describe a braxton hicks without every feeling one (because obviously I never have before) it was exactly what was going on. My stomach was getting super tight and firmer than normal and then would feel normal again and just confortable. By the time my appointment came around that afternoon it was all starting to subside but they checked baby and his heart rate was good and everything seemed okay. Dr. Smith said she was worried about my gallbladder starting to act up and said that could have been part of it. So for now I watch what I eat and nothing too spicy to see if that helps with the pains and have some medicine to help keep it in check and just taking it a little easy.

Symptoms: Nausea. Heartburn.

Nursery: Haven't started on it just yet.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery going I should really get on that! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

19 weeks, 20 weeks & Doctor Visits

How far along: Since I'm a little behind we will do two weeks together. 19 and 20 weeks holy crap I'm half way where the heck did time go?! 

Baby: Baby boy is about 6 inches long and the size of a mango at 19 weeks and 6.5 inches and size of a endive (I didn't know what that was so Google told me or a small artichoke 😊) at 20 weeks. We had my 20 week ultrasound this week and the boys have been asking when they can come to an appointment so since they could actually see baby brother they got to come and were so excited. After the ultrasound my doctor asked Kole if brother was cute and his response was "Um no" Haha. On the ultrasound they found that baby boy has quite a bit of fluid on his kidneys they said they get concerned when it's .5 I believe and he is at .4. As of now the doctor said there is nothing you can do to prevent this and pretty much means he need to pee and is backed up because his organs and insides are so tiny. We will do another ultrasound in 4 weeks, the end of October, and check it again and see if it's gone. She said it's not a huge concern just something we will want to mention to our pediatrician that we saw on the ultrasounds because it can mean he will have bad reflux and bladder infections after he is born. Fingers crossed that is all and that it is gone in a couple weeks. Other then that baby boy looks great, growing as he should and sitting super low making it fun for momma. 

Momma: Tired, sick and grateful! Last week Trevor's family got hit was an awful bug that was going around and both of us got lucky enough to get it. I called my doctors office in the mid morning and the nurse (that I do not love & have already complained about when she screwed up my test results at the beginning of the pregnancy) just told me to try all the tips for morning sickness well after throwing up all day about every 20-30 mins I started throwing up some blood and got concerned and called back just before they left for the day and got to talk to the nurse that actually knows what she is doing. She talked to my doctor and they said they defiantly wanted me to go in and get checked out by at least instacare. I was still throwing up when we got there and they decided to give me some IVs since I was so dehydrated and get fluid back in me as well as nausea medicine through the IV. I swear I always get the nurses that don't really know what they are doing and the first nurse blew the vien in my left arm and the RN must have seen the look on my face after I looked down at my arm as it was burning  and swelling up because she rushed over and took it out and put it in my right arm herself. I HATE needles so already being sick and getting another needle in my arm just did me in and poor Trevor had to sit there after being sick all day as well ready to grab my "barf bowl" as I fought off throwing up on the nurses while they switched arms. Once the IV was in me I was feeling a little better and they sent us home. I still feel like I'm recovering a little but defiantly doing better now then we were! 

Maternity clothes: I bought me a cute maternity hoodie offline this week, I don't need it quite yet but it was on sale and since I feel like maternity clothes are super expensive I couldn't pass it up! Still  just using the hair tie trick on some of my pants so it's not uncomfortable sitting down.

Sleep: Toss and turn most nights, diffusing lavender oil in our room at nights helps a lot! 

Best moment this week: I think we have ourselves a little soccer player! He kicked super hard about 19 1/2 weeks for the first time even Trevor got to feel it a couple times. After being so sick I got a little nervous because I couldn't feel him for a few days but he is now moving consistently mostly at nights. Can't wait till it gets more and more!  

Miss anything: No I wouldn't say I really miss anything. 

Food cravings: No still nothing really.

Anything make you queasy or sick: I have figured out that I have to eat at and snack before bed or I wake up super sick. Going too long in between eating I get sick too. 

Gender: BOY! 

Movement: Yes! I can feel him moving around in there and he has started kicking pretty hard for a little guy, mostly at nights.  

Labor signs: None.

Symptoms: Pretty sure even water gives me heart burn now days. Nausea. 

Nursery: Haven't started on it just yet.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery painted so we can start working on it. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Baby Updates

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I really suck at this whole blogging thing but I'm going to play catch up and then try really hard to stay caught up because I want to document my pregnancy and our little family so we always have something to look back on. So in other words bare with me on this long post!

The first trimester was long and pretty miserable. Don't get me wrong I was and still am BEYOND thrilled to finally be pregnant but I was super sick. Morning sickness, all day sickness and all night sickness. I lost quite a bit of weight and ended up in the hospital getting IV's luckily only one time. The beginning of the second trimester I started to feel a little better and my doctor gave me Zofran since I was further along to help stay on top of things. Zofran has been my life savor! Yes I have still been sick and throwing up but it has gotten much better thankfully and some days are better then others but we are just chugging along both just a growing! I am now 19 weeks as of today, almost half way!! SO crazy.

September 1st I was about 15 1/2 weeks and we went down to Murray to a little place called Fetal Fotos to find out early the gender of our baby. To be completely honest I was really rooting for a girl, you know to give me some pink and bows in my life instead of just dirt and bugs. Apparently someone else has a better plan for me then I had planned for myself because we are having another BOY! As horrible as it sounds it was an emotional day and took a while to get use to the idea that we were having another boy. That night we had a small family party at one of our favorite restaurants, Firehouse Pizzeria, to reveal to everyone what we were having. I did tell my mom right after we found out because she made an adorable gender cake for us for dessert! (I did not get any crafty or baking genes from her.) Poor Coop felt more like I did about the idea of having another brother. On the way home from dinner after a minute of silence he said "Dad, I just really wanted a sister." Haha poor boy! He now tells me that I need to get pregnant again soon so he can have a sister. These boys seriously crack me up with there imaginations and randoms comments.

A girl from my home town had a cute idea that she did on her blog when she was pregnant with her little boy and it has stuck with me as something I always wanted to do when I got pregnant because it was an awesome way to document and remember every precious moment.

15 weeks - Almost 4 inches and is the size of apple. Found out gender this week and its a BOY!

16 weeks- 4 1/2 inches and is the size of pickle or avocado.

17 weeks - 5 inches and is the size of pomegranate or pear.

How far along: 18 weeks!

Baby: Baby boy is about 5 1/2 inches long and about the size of a sweet potato! I finally feel like we are getting somewhere (compared to the blueberry he was at the beginning!) He is doing great! 

Momma: I feel like I have all the sudden popped over night and feel huge! (I have a longs way to go if I already feel big I know.) 

Maternity clothes: None. Just using the hair tie trick on some of my pants so it's not uncomfortable sitting all day at my desk.

Sleep: Depends on the night.

Best moment this week: Starting to feel little flickers again after not being able to for a bit.

Miss anything: Being able to not carry around plastic bags in my car for the times I need to randomly throw up. So gross I know, but you got to do what you got to do right?

Food cravings: Nothing really.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Not eating often enough, eating too much at one time, it's a different food every day that makes me sick that day.

Gender: BOY! 

Movement: A little bit of flickers every now and then.

Labor signs: None.

Symptoms: Heart burn over everything, morning sickness and round ligament pain. 

Nursery: Haven't started on it just yet.

Looking forward to: Feeling him move all the time!



P.S. Baby bump pictures have to be the most awkward "selfie" to ever take so they are a bit lacking in quality. 


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